Friday, 26 March 2021

I am playing this season of the Scottish Online League with Danny Hamilton - Phil Morrison has decided to take a break from Scottish bridge for a while. 

Danny and I are playing the system I used to play with Phil, so it's relatively straightforward - strong NT, short club, unbalanced diamond (mostly). But it's not what Danny's used to playing, and we also just haven't played a lot together (at least not since 2007), so we have different intuitions about what auctions mean. 

So far it's been a bit of a mixed bag, we've won one, lost one, and (nearly) drawn one - we actually lost by 1 IMP after an incorrect claim was corrected. 

Danny has written up a few hands from each of the matches on his blog. I thought the one above was interesting in defence. Declarer can always make it if they just draw trump, but we started with a heart to the J and a club to the K and A, and Danny played another H.

When I wont the SA, the only hope was for Danny to be able to get a trump promotion, and to give me a heart ruff, so we make 3 trumps, 2 clubs and a diamond. Having figured this out, I cashed the CQ and then played a C hoping Danny could overruff it (or declarer could get it wrong).

At the table this worked, but declarer can actually make on this defence, if he pitches the HK on the third round of clubs. In order to beat it legitimately, I have to underlead the DA to partner's Jack. I did think about doing this at one point, but didn't manage to put the whole plan together in my head. I think underleading the DA probably is correct at total points - especially if I think Danny's second heart had suit preference implications. 

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