Friday, 6 May 2016

The second best hand I've ever held

Haven't posted anything in a while. 

In the meantime, I won a silver prize at the National Men's teams (playing with Jun, Adam and Paul - slightly awkward winning a silver prize with two recent Camrose players in our team, but these things happen). I won a silver prize playing with Jun at the Melville Congress. Finished second in the club's pairs championship (congratulations to Christine and Ian, who led it from the start), and Hillhead have managed, for the first time (I'm told) to retain our place in the first division of the West District League. Unfortunately, Merchiston didn't quite manage to do the same, and we were relegated in the East District League. 

Despite all that bridge, the hand I'm going to post is one I was dealt playing casual bridge at Martin Stephen's house last week. I was dealt the South hand below, and Becky opened 1 heart on my right... what's your plan? 


  1. I want to play 6D. Unusual 2NT might leave me in a 5-2 Club fit so I'm just going to bid 6D and hope they don't bid 6H.

    1. You can't end up playing in a 5-2 club fit, because diamonds are higher than clubs and you always get another bid. My actual choice was 2D, which succeeded in getting me doubled in 6D, but I think my preferred sequence, having discussed it with a few people is 2N first, then bid 6D. If partner does something really helpful like bid 5C over 2N, you can get to grand.